Nanochromis transvestitus Stewart & Roberts, 1984
Nanochromis transvestitus
photo by Hippocampus-Bildarchiv

Family:  Cichlidae (Cichlids), subfamily: Pseudocrenilabrinae
Max. size:  3.4 cm SL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  demersal; freshwater; pH range: 5 - 6; dH range: 5 - 12; depth range 1 - 1 m,
Distribution:  Africa: Lake Mai Ndombe (= Lake Leopold II) (middle Congo River basin) in Democratic Republic of the Congo (Ref. 33454, 52307).
Diagnosis:  Description: females somewhat smaller than males; males with elongated rays in dorsal, anal and pelvic fins (Ref. 52307). Coloration: both sexes with vertical black and white bars on body and dorsal fin; this alternating pattern also visible in caudal and anal fin of females, but usually not in males, where it is much paler if present; ripe females with bright red belly (Ref. 52307).
Biology:  Cave-spawner (Ref. 52307). Minimum depth from Ref. 58018.
IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN); Date assessed: 16 February 2009 (B1ab(v)) Ref. (130435)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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