List of Freshwater Fishes reported from Israel
n = 62
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Table 1: 51 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 0 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 11 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 62 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 51 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama lissnerinative  Lavnun lissner 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama telavivensisnative  Lavnun ha'yarqon 
Acipenseriformes Acipenseridae Acipenser sturionative Sturgeon  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla anguillaintroduced European eel Tzlofach 
Cyprinodontiformes Cyprinodontidae Aphanius fasciatusnative Mediterranean banded killifish Naavit hapasim 
Cyprinodontiformes Cyprinodontidae Aphanius mentonative Pearl-spotted killifish Navit metzuia 
Perciformes Cichlidae Astatotilapia flaviijosephinative  Amnunit joseph 
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherina boyerinative Big-scale sand smelt Idron 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Capoeta damascinanative Mesopotamian barb Hafaf 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carasobarbus canisnative  Binit gdolat kaskas 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carassius carassiusintroduced Crucian carp  
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon auratusnative Golden grey mullet Kifon happaz 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon labrosusnative Thicklip grey mullet Kifon belut hassafa 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon ramadanative Thinlip grey mullet Kifon matzui 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon saliensnative Leaping mullet Kifon haruz 
Siluriformes Clariidae Clarias gariepinusnative North African catfish Sfamnun matzui 
Perciformes Cichlidae Coptodon zilliinative Redbelly tilapia Amnun matzui 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Ctenopharyngodon idellaintroduced Grass carp  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpiointroduced Common carp Karpion 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia affinisintroduced Mosquitofish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra ghorensisnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra nananative  Yablest 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra rufanative Red garra Agleset metzuia 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Hypophthalmichthys nobilisintroduced Bighead carp  
Perciformes Cichlidae Labeotropheus fuelleborniintroduced Blue mbuna  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Luciobarbus longicepsnative  Binit arukat rosh 
Perciformes Cichlidae Maylandia lombardoiintroduced   
Perciformes Cichlidae Melanochromis auratusintroduced Golden mbuna  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Mirogrex hulensisnative  Lavnun Ha'Hula 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Mirogrex terraesanctaeendemic Kinneret bleak Lavnun Ha'Kinneret 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Mugil cephalusnative Flathead grey mullet Kifol gedol harosh 
Atheriniformes Atherinopsidae Odontesthes bonariensisintroduced Argentinian silverside  
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus kisutchintroduced Coho salmon  
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus mykissintroduced Rainbow trout  
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis aureusnative Blue tilapia Amnun yarden 
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis macrochirintroduced Longfin tilapia  
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis niloticusnative Nile tilapia Amnun yeor 
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus angoraenative Angora loach  
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus galilaeusnative   
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus leontinaenative   
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus pantheranative  Binun nemeri 
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus tigrisnative Tigris loach  
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia veliferaintroduced Sail-fin molly  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus drusensisnative  Lavnunit ha'golan 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus kervilleinative Orontes minnow Lavnunuit ha'galil 
Perciformes Blenniidae Salaria fluviatilisnative Freshwater blenny Karnun ha'nehalim 
Perciformes Cichlidae Sarotherodon galilaeusnative Mango tilapia Amnun galil 
Perciformes Cichlidae Tristramella sacranative  Tvarnun kadosh 
Perciformes Cichlidae Tristramella simonisnative  Tvarnun simon 
Perciformes Cichlidae Tropheops tropheopsintroduced   
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Xiphophorus helleriiintroduced Green swordtail  
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