List of Dangerous Fishes reported from Australia
n = 400
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Table 1: 394 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 4 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 2 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 400 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 394 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name Danger
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Ablabys taenianotusnative Cockatoo waspfish Cockatoo waspfish venomous 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Abudefduf vaigiensisnative Indo-Pacific sergeant Indo-pacific sergeant reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Scombridae Acanthocybium solandrinative Wahoo Wahoo reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus lineatusnative Lined surgeonfish Striped surgeon venomous 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus matanative Elongate surgeonfish Elongate surgeonfish venomous 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus nigricaudanative Epaulette surgeonfish Blackstreak surgeonfish poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus nigrofuscusnative Brown surgeonfish Brown surgeonfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus triostegusnative Convict surgeonfish Convict surgeonfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Acanthurus xanthopterusnative Yellowfin surgeonfish Yellowfin surgeonfish venomous 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius caninusnative Tropical sand goby  poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Gobiidae Acentrogobius nebulosusnative Shadow goby Hairfin goby poisonous to eat 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Aetobatus narinarinative Spotted eagle ray Walbuulbul traumatogenic 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Aetobatus ocellatusnative Ocellated eagle ray  traumatogenic 
Perciformes Carangidae Alectis ciliarisnative African pompano Pennantfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Aluterus monocerosnative Unicorn leatherjacket filefish Leatherjacket reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Monacanthidae Aluterus scriptusnative Scribbled leatherjacket filefish  reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Cichlidae Amatitlania nigrofasciataintroduced Convict cichlid Convict cichlid potential pest 
Siluriformes Ariidae Amissidens hainesinative Ridged catfish Ridged catfish traumatogenic 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Anarchias seychellensisnative Seychelles moray Seychelles moray traumatogenic 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus analisnative Tailjet frogfish Tailjet anglerfish poisonous to eat 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Antennatus tuberosusnative Tuberculated frogfish Tuberculate anglerfish poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Aphareus furcanative Small toothed jobfish Smalltooth jobfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Apistidae Apistus carinatusnative Ocellated waspfish Longfin waspfish venomous 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Aprion virescensnative Green jobfish Green jobfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron firmamentumnative Starry toado Starry toadfish poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron hispidusnative White-spotted puffer Stars and stripes puffer poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron immaculatusnative Immaculate puffer  poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron mappanative Map puffer  poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron meleagrisnative Guineafowl puffer  poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron nigropunctatusnative Blackspotted puffer Blackspotted puffer poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Arothron stellatusnative Stellate puffer Star puffer poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Serranidae Aulacocephalus temminckiinative Goldribbon soapfish Goldribbon cod poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Balistapus undulatusnative Orange-lined triggerfish Orange-lined triggerfish traumatogenic 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Balistoides conspicillumnative Clown triggerfish Clown triggerfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Balistoides viridescensnative Titan triggerfish Titan triggerfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Bathytoshia brevicaudatanative Short-tail stingray Smooth stingray venomous 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Branchiostegus sawakinensisnative Freckled tilefish Freckled tilefish poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Canthidermis maculatanative Rough triggerfish  reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster rivulatanative Brown-lined puffer Brown-lined puffer venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Canthigaster valentininative Valentin's sharpnose puffer  poisonous to eat 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Caracanthus unipinnanative Pygmy coral croucher Coral croucher venomous 
Perciformes Carangidae Carangoides ferdaunative Blue trevally Blue trevally reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx ignobilisnative Giant trevally Giant trevally reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx lugubrisnative Black jack Black trevally reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Carangidae Caranx melampygusnative Bluefin trevally Bluefin trevally reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carassius auratusintroduced Goldfish Goldfish potential pest 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus albimarginatusnative Silvertip shark Silvertip shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoidesnative Graceful shark Graceful shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus amblyrhynchosnative Blacktail reef shark Guliman traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus amboinensisnative Pigeye shark Pigeye shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus brachyurusnative Copper shark Bronze whaler traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus falciformisnative Silky shark Silky shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus galapagensisnative Galapagos shark Galapagos shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus leucasnative Bull shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus limbatusnative Blacktip shark Common blacktip shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus longimanusnative Oceanic whitetip shark Oceanic whitetip shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus melanopterusnative Blacktip reef shark Blacktip reef shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus obscurusnative Dusky shark Dusky whaler traumatogenic 
Lamniformes Odontaspididae Carcharias taurusnative Sand tiger shark Greynurse shark traumatogenic 
Lamniformes Lamnidae Carcharodon carchariasnative Great white shark White shark traumatogenic 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Centropogon australisendemic Eastern fortescue Eastern fortescue venomous 
Squaliformes Somniosidae Centroscymnus crepidaternative Longnose velvet dogfish Golden dogfish poisonous to eat 
Squaliformes Somniosidae Centroscymnus owstoniinative Roughskin dogfish Owston's dogfish poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Serranidae Cephalopholis argusnative Peacock hind Peacock rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Lamniformes Cetorhinidae Cetorhinus maximusnative Basking shark Basking shark traumatogenic 
Perciformes Labridae Cheilinus undulatusnative Humphead wrasse Humphead maori wrasse reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Chelidonichthys kumunative Bluefin gurnard Red gurnard venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Chelonodon patocanative Milkspotted puffer Milk-spotted toadfish poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Chilomycterus reticulatusnative Spotfin burrfish Spotfin porcupinefish venomous 
Hexanchiformes Chlamydoselachidae Chlamydoselachus anguineusnative Frilled shark Frill shark traumatogenic 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus microrhinosnative Steephead parrots Steephead parrotfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Scaridae Chlorurus sordidusnative Daisy parrotfish Greenfin parrotfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Siluriformes Ariidae Cinetodus froggattinative Smallmouthed salmon catfish Smallmouth catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Cnidoglanis macrocephalusendemic Estuary cobbler Estuary cobbler venomous 
Siluriformes Ariidae Cochlefelis insidiatornative Flat catfish Flat catfish traumatogenic 
Anguilliformes Congridae Conger wilsoninative Cape conger Eastern conger traumatogenic 
Perciformes Cichlidae Coptodon zilliiintroduced Redbelly tilapia Zille's cichlid potential pest 
Perciformes Labridae Coris gaimardnative African coris Clown wrasse reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Coryphaenidae Coryphaena hippurusnative Common dolphinfish Mahi mahi reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Cottapistus cottoidesnative Marbled stingfish Yellow waspfish venomous 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus binotatusnative Twospot surgeonfish Twospot bristletooth other 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Ctenochaetus striatusnative Striated surgeonfish Lined bristletooth reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Cyclichthys hardenberginative Hardenburg's burrfish  venomous 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpiointroduced Common carp European carp potential pest 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Dasyatis thetidisnative Thorntail stingray Black stingray traumatogenic 
Perciformes Carangidae Decapterus macarellusnative Mackerel scad Mackerel scad reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus biocellatusnative Twospot turkeyfish Twinspot lionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus brachypterusnative Dwarf lionfish Dwarf lionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Dendrochirus zebranative Zebra turkeyfish Zebra lionfish venomous 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja australisendemic Sydney skate Sydney skate other 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dentiraja polyommataendemic Argus skate Argus skate other 
Perciformes Haemulidae Diagramma pictumnative Painted sweetlips Painted sweetlips reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon holocanthusnative Longspined porcupinefish Freckled porcupinefish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon hystrixnative Spot-fin porcupinefish  poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon liturosusnative Black-blotched porcupinefish  reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Diodon nicthemerusnative Slender-spined porcupine fish Globe fish poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Serranidae Diploprion bifasciatumnative Barred soapfish Barred soapfish venomous 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus whitleyiendemic Melbourne skate Melbourne skate traumatogenic 
Perciformes Carangidae Elagatis bipinnulatanative Rainbow runner Rainbow runner reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Enchelycore bayerinative Bayer's moray Hookjaw moray traumatogenic 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Enchelynassa caninanative Longfang moray Longfang moray traumatogenic 
Perciformes Labridae Epibulus insidiatornative Sling-jaw wrasse Slingjaw wrasse reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus cyanopodusnative Speckled blue grouper Purple rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus fasciatusnative Blacktip grouper Blacktip rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus fuscoguttatusnative Brown-marbled grouper Flowery rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus lanceolatusnative Giant grouper Queensland groper traumatogenic 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus maculatusnative Highfin grouper Highfin grouper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus melanostigmanative One-blotch grouper Oneblotch grouper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus merranative Honeycomb grouper Birdwire rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus morrhuanative Comet grouper Comet grouper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus polyphekadionnative Camouflage grouper Camouflage grouper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus quoyanusnative Longfin grouper Longfin rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus tauvinanative Greasy grouper Greasy rockcod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Erosa erosanative Pitted stonefish Pacific monkeyfish venomous 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Eucrossorhinus dasypogonnative Tasselled wobbegong Tasselled wobbegong traumatogenic 
Perciformes Scombridae Euthynnus affinisnative Kawakawa Bonito reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Feroxodon multistriatusnative Manystriped blowfish Many-striped pufferfish venomous 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Galeocerdo cuviernative Tiger shark Tiger shark traumatogenic 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia affinisintroduced Mosquitofish Mosquito-fish potential pest 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia holbrookiintroduced Eastern mosquitofish Eastern gambusia potential pest 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Glyptauchen panduratusendemic Goblinfish Goblinfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Gnathanacanthidae Gnathanacanthus goetzeeiendemic Red velvetfish Red velvetfish venomous 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Gnathodentex aureolineatusnative Striped large-eye bream Goldspot seabream reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobiodon citrinusnative Poison goby Four-bar maori goby other 
Perciformes Serranidae Grammistes sexlineatusnative Goldenstriped soapfish Lined soapfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Gymnapistes marmoratusendemic Soldier Soldier venomous 
Perciformes Scombridae Gymnosarda unicolornative Dogtooth tuna Dogtooth tuna reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax favagineusnative Laced moray Tessellate moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax flavimarginatusnative Yellow-edged moray Yellowmargin moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax javanicusnative Giant moray Giant moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax kidakonative Kidako moray Kidako moray traumatogenic 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax meleagrisnative Turkey moray Whitemouth moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax nudivomernative Yellowmouth moray Yellowmouth moray poisonous to eat 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax pictusnative Paintspotted moray Painted moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax polyuranodonnative Freshwater moray Freshwater moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax reticularisnative   traumatogenic 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax undulatusnative Undulated moray Undulate moray reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Helicolenus percoidesnative Red gurnard perch Reef ocean perch venomous 
Siluriformes Ariidae Hemiarius dioctesnative Warrior catfish Warrior catfish traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Hemigaleidae Hemipristis elongatanative Snaggletooth shark Fossil shark traumatogenic 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Heptranchias perlonative Sharpnose sevengill shark Sharpnose sevengill shark poisonous to eat 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatusnative Bluestripe herring Goldspot herring potential pest 
Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Heterodontus galeatusendemic Crested hornshark Crested hornshark traumatogenic 
Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Heterodontus portusjacksoninative Port Jackson shark Tabbigaw traumatogenic 
Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Heterodontus zebranative Zebra bullhead shark Zebra horn shark traumatogenic 
Perciformes Priacanthidae Heteropriacanthus cruentatusnative Glasseye Blotched bigeye reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Hexanchus griseusnative Bluntnose sixgill shark Bluntnose sixgill shark poisonous to eat 
Siluriformes Ariidae Hexanematichthys mastersinative Master's catfish Masters' catfish traumatogenic 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Himantura uarnaknative Honeycomb stingray Yidi venomous 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Himantura undulatanative Leopard whipray Leopard whipray venomous 
Lophiiformes Antennariidae Histrio histrionative Sargassumfish Sargassum fish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Torpediniformes Hypnidae Hypnos monopterygiusendemic Coffin ray Coffin ray other 
Perciformes Serranidae Hyporthodus octofasciatusnative Eightbar grouper Eightbar grouper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Inimicus caledonicusnative Chinese ghoul Demon stingerfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Inimicus didactylusnative Bearded ghoul Longsnout stingerfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Inimicus sinensisnative Spotted ghoul Spotted stingerfish venomous 
Lamniformes Lamnidae Isurus oxyrinchusnative Shortfin mako Blue pointer traumatogenic 
Perciformes Scombridae Katsuwonus pelamisnative Skipjack tuna Stripey reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Kyphosidae Kyphosus cinerascensnative Blue sea chub Snubnose drummer poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Lactoria cornutanative Longhorn cowfish Longhorn cowfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Lactoria diaphananative Roundbelly cowfish Roundbelly cowfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Lactoria fornasininative Thornback cowfish Thornback cowfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus cheesemaniinative   poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus inermisnative Smooth blaasop  poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus lunarisnative Lunartail puffer  poisonous to eat 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Lagocephalus sceleratusnative Silver-cheeked toadfish North-West blowfish poisonous to eat 
Lamniformes Lamnidae Lamna nasusnative Porbeagle Porbeagle traumatogenic 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus erythracanthusnative Orange-spotted emperor Orangespotted emperor reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus microdonnative Smalltooth emperor Smalltooth emperor reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus miniatusnative Trumpet emperor Redthroat emperor reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus nebulosusnative Spangled emperor Spangled emperor reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Lethrinus olivaceusnative Longface emperor Longnose emperor reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Liocranium praepositumnative Blackspot waspfish Blackspot waspfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Lioscorpius longicepsnative Slender scorpionfish Slender scorpionfish venomous 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus argentimaculatusnative Mangrove red snapper Mangrove jack reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus boharnative Two-spot red snapper Red bass reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus fulviflammanative Dory snapper Blackspot snapper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus fulvusnative Blacktail snapper Blacktail snapper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus gibbusnative Humpback red snapper Paddletail reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus monostigmanative One-spot snapper Onespot snapper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus rivulatusnative Blubberlip snapper Maori snapper reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Lutjanus sebaenative Emperor red snapper Red emperor reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta scabricepsendemic Little gurnard perch Little gurnard perch venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Maxillicosta whitleyiendemic Whitley's gurnard perch Whitley's gurnard perch venomous 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus atrodorsalisnative Forktail blenny Eyelash fangblenny venomous 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus ditremanative One-striped poison-fang blenny Schooling fangblenny venomous 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus grammistesnative Striped poison-fang blenny Linespot fangblenny venomous 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus lineatusendemic Lined fangblenny Lined fangblenny venomous 
Perciformes Blenniidae Meiacanthus luteusnative Yellow fangbelly Yellow fangbelly venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Minous coccineusnative Onestick stingfish Yellowfin stingfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Minous versicolornative Plumstriped stingfish Plumbstriped stingfish venomous 
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Misgurnus anguillicaudatusintroduced Pond loach Oriental weatherloach potential pest 
Tetraodontiformes Molidae Mola molanative Ocean sunfish  poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Lethrinidae Monotaxis grandoculisnative Humpnose big-eye bream Bigeye seabream reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Anguilliformes Muraenesocidae Muraenesox bagionative Common pike conger Common pike eel other 
Myliobatiformes Myliobatidae Myliobatis australisnative Australian bull ray Southern eagle ray venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Myripristis murdjannative Pinecone soldierfish Crimson soldierfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso annulatusnative Whitemargin unicornfish Whitemargin unicornfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso brevirostrisnative Spotted unicornfish Spotted unicornfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso lituratusnative Orangespine unicornfish Orangespine unicornfish venomous 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Naso unicornisnative Bluespine unicornfish Bluespine unicornfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Orectolobiformes Ginglymostomatidae Nebrius ferrugineusnative Tawny nurse shark Tawny shark traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Negaprion acutidensnative Sicklefin lemon shark Lemon shark traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Nemapteryx armigernative Threadfin catfish Copper catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius berneyinative Highfin catfish Highfin catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius graeffeinative Blue salmon catfish Barooloo traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius leptaspisnative Salmon catfish Boofhead catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius midgleyiendemic Silver cobbler Silver cobbler traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Neoarius pectoralisnative Sawspine catfish Sawspine catfish traumatogenic 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Neocentropogon trimaculatusnative Threespotted waspfish Threespot waspfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Neoniphon opercularisnative Blackfin squirrelfish Blackfin squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Neoniphon sammaranative Sammara squirrelfish Slender squirrelfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes bougainvilliiendemic Gulf gurnard perch Gulf gurnard perch venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes nigropunctatusendemic Blackspotted gurnard perch Blackspotted gurnard perch venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes pandusendemic Bighead gurnard perch Bighead gurnard perch venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes scorpaenoidesendemic Common gurnard perch Common gurnard perch venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Neosebastidae Neosebastes thetidisnative Thetis fish Thetis fish venomous 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus aternative Narrowfront tandan Jungkali venomous 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Neosilurus brevidorsalisnative Shortfin tandan Short-finned tandan venomous 
Siluriformes Ariidae Netuma bilineatanative Bronze catfish Two-line sea catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Netuma proximanative Arafura catfish Arafura catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Netuma thalassinanative Giant catfish Giant sea catfish traumatogenic 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Notesthes robustaendemic Bullrout Bullrout venomous 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Notorynchus cepedianusnative Broadnose sevengill shark Tasmanian tiger shark traumatogenic 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Omegophora armillanative Ringed toadfish Ringed pufferfish poisonous to eat 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus mykissintroduced Rainbow trout Rainbow trout potential pest 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus tshawytschaintroduced Chinook salmon Chinook salmon potential pest 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus maculatusendemic Spotted wobbegong Spotted wobbegong traumatogenic 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus ornatusnative Ornate wobbegong Banded wobbegong traumatogenic 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Orectolobus wardinative Northern wobbegong Northern wobbegong traumatogenic 
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicusintroduced Mozambique tilapia Tilapia potential pest 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Osteomugil engelinative Kanda Kanda mullet potential pest 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion meleagrisnative Whitespotted boxfish  venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion rhinorhynchosnative Horn-nosed boxfish Horn-nosed boxfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Ostracion solorensisnative Reticulate boxfish  venomous 
Perciformes Labridae Oxycheilinus unifasciatusnative Ringtail maori wrasse Ringtail maori wrasse reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Acanthuridae Paracanthurus hepatusnative Palette surgeonfish Palette surgeonfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Tetrarogidae Paracentropogon longispinisnative Wispy waspfish Whiteface roguefish venomous 
Perciformes Gobiidae Parachaeturichthys polynemanative Taileyed goby  poisonous to eat 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Paraplotosus albilabrisnative Whitelipped eel catfish Whitelip catfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Parascorpaena mossambicanative Mozambique scorpionfish Mozambique scorpionfish venomous 
Pleuronectiformes Soleidae Pardachirus pavoninusnative Peacock sole Peacock sole venomous 
Perciformes Mullidae Parupeneus cyclostomusnative Gold-saddle goatfish Goldsaddle goatfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Pastinachus sephennative Cowtail stingray Gundurru venomous 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Pateobatis fainative Pink whipray Pink whipray venomous 
Perciformes Percidae Perca fluviatilisintroduced European perch Redfin potential pest 
Perciformes Blenniidae Petroscirtes brevicepsnative Striped poison-fang blenny mimic Shorthead sabretooth blenny traumatogenic 
Perciformes Blenniidae Plagiotremus tapeinosomanative Piano fangblenny Piano fangblenny other 
Perciformes Haemulidae Plectorhinchus gibbosusnative Harry hotlips Brown sweetlips reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Plectropomus areolatusnative Squaretail coralgrouper Passionfruit coral trout reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Plectropomus laevisnative Blacksaddled coralgrouper Bluespotted coral trout reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Plectropomus leopardusnative Leopard coralgrouper Common coral trout reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Plectropomus maculatusnative Spotted coralgrouper Barcheek coral trout reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Serranidae Plectropomus oligacanthusnative Highfin coralgrouper Vermicular cod reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Myliobatiformes Plesiobatidae Plesiobatis daviesinative Deep-water stingray Giant stingaree venomous 
Siluriformes Ariidae Plicofollis argyropleuronnative Longsnouted catfish Longsnout catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Plicofollis nellanative Smooth-headed catfish Shieldhead catfish traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Ariidae Plicofollis polystaphylodonnative Mozambique sea catfish  traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Plotosus caniusnative Gray eel-catfish Eel catfish venomous 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Plotosus lineatusnative Striped eel catfish Striped catfish venomous 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia latipinnaintroduced Sailfin molly Sailfin molly potential pest 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia reticulataintroduced Guppy Guppy potential pest 
Perciformes Haemulidae Pomadasys multimaculatusnative Cock grunter  other 
Perciformes Pomatomidae Pomatomus saltatrixnative Bluefish Tailor traumatogenic 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Porochilus argenteusendemic  Silver catfish venomous 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Prionace glaucanative Blue shark Blue shark traumatogenic 
Rhinopristiformes Pristidae Pristis microdonnative Largetooth sawfish Galwanyi traumatogenic 
Rhinopristiformes Pristidae Pristis zijsronnative Longcomb sawfish Yubadhi traumatogenic 
Perciformes Gempylidae Promethichthys prometheusnative Roudi escolar Single-line gemfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Balistidae Pseudobalistes flavimarginatusnative Yellowmargin triggerfish  reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Pterois antennatanative Broadbarred firefish Spotfin lionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Pterois lunulatanative Luna lion fish Dragon's beard fish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Pterois radiatanative Radial firefish Whitelined lionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Pterois russeliinative Plaintail turkeyfish Plaintail lionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Pterois volitansnative Red lionfish Common lionfish venomous 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Pteroplatytrygon violaceanative Pelagic stingray Pelagic stingray venomous 
Rhinopristiformes Rhinidae Rhina ancylostomanative Bowmouth guitarfish Shark ray other 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Rhinopias frondosanative Weedy scorpionfish  venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Rhynchostracion nasusnative Shortnose boxfish Shortnose boxfish venomous 
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Rutilus rutilusintroduced Roach Roach potential pest 
Perciformes Gempylidae Ruvettus pretiosusnative Oilfish Oilfish poisonous to eat 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Salmo truttaintroduced Sea trout Brown trout potential pest 
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Salvelinus fontinalisintroduced Brook trout Brook trout potential pest 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron caudimaculatumnative Silverspot squirrelfish Whitetail squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron cornutumnative Threespot squirrelfish Horned squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron diademanative Crown squirrelfish Crown squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron ittodainative Samurai squirrelfish Samurai squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron melanospilosnative Blackblotch squirrelfish Blackspot squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron microstomanative Smallmouth squirrelfish Smallmouth squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron punctatissimumnative Speckled squirrelfish Speckled squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron rubrumnative Redcoat Red squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron spiniferumnative Sabre squirrelfish Sabre squirrelfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron tierenative Blue lined squirrelfish Bluestripe squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron tiereoidesnative Pink squirrelfish Pink squirrelfish venomous 
Beryciformes Holocentridae Sargocentron violaceumnative Violet squirrelfish Redface squirrelfish venomous 
Perciformes Scatophagidae Scatophagus argusnative Spotted scat Spotted scat venomous 
Perciformes Scatophagidae Scatophagus tetracanthusnative Scatty  venomous 
Siluriformes Ariidae Sciades paucusnative   traumatogenic 
Perciformes Carangidae Scomberoides lysannative Doublespotted queenfish Lesser queenfish other 
Perciformes Carangidae Scomberoides tolnative Needlescaled queenfish Needleskin queenfish venomous 
Perciformes Scombridae Scomberomorus commersonnative Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel Macko reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Scombridae Scomberomorus munroinative Australian spotted mackerel Spotty reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Scombridae Scomberomorus queenslandicusnative Queensland school mackerel Blotched mackerel reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Scombridae Scomberomorus semifasciatusnative Broad-barred king mackerel Broadbanded mackerel reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaena izensisnative Izu scorpionfish Izu scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaena neglectanative   venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaena papillosanative Red rock cod Southern red scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes albaiensisnative Longfingered scorpionfish Longfinger scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes guamensisnative Guam scorpionfish Guam scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes hirsutusnative Hairy scorpionfish Hairy scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes kellogginative Kellogg's scorpionfish Dwarf scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes minornative Minor scorpionfish Minor scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes parvipinnisnative Lowfin scorpionfish Coral scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenodes scabernative Pygmy scorpionfish Pygmy scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenopsis diabolusnative False stonefish False stonefish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenopsis eschmeyerinative   venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenopsis macrochirnative Flasher scorpionfish Humpback scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenopsis neglectanative Yellowfin scorpionfish Yellowfin scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenopsis oxycephalanative Tassled scorpionfish Smallscale scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Scorpaenopsis venosanative Raggy scorpionfish Raggy scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Sebastapistes cyanostigmanative Yellowspotted scorpionfish Yellowspotted scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Sebastapistes fowlerinative Pigmy scorpionfish  venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Sebastapistes mauritiananative Spineblotch scorpionfish Spineblotch scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Sebastapistes strongianative Barchin scorpionfish Barchin scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastiscus marmoratusnative False kelpfish False kelpfish venomous 
Perciformes Carangidae Selar crumenophthalmusnative Bigeye scad Bigeye scad reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Scatophagidae Selenotoca multifasciatanative Spotbanded scat Banded scat venomous 
Perciformes Carangidae Seriola dumerilinative Greater amberjack Amberjack reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Carangidae Seriola rivoliananative Longfin yellowtail Highfin amberjack reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Setarches guentherinative Channeled rockfish Deepwater scorpionfish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Setarches longimanusnative Red deepwater scorpionfish Red deepwater scorpionfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus argenteusnative Streamlined spinefoot  venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus canaliculatusnative White-spotted spinefoot White-spotted spinefoot venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus corallinusnative Blue-spotted spinefoot Coral rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus doliatusnative Barred spinefoot Barred rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus fuscescensnative Mottled spinefoot Dusky rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus guttatusnative Orange-spotted spinefoot  venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus javusnative Streaked spinefoot Java rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus lineatusnative Golden-lined spinefoot Goldlined rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus puellusnative Masked spinefoot Bluelined rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus punctatusnative Goldspotted spinefoot Gold-spotted rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus spinusnative Little spinefoot Spiny rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus unimaculatusnative Blotched foxface  venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus vermiculatusnative Vermiculated spinefoot Vermiculate rabbitfish venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus virgatusnative Barhead spinefoot  venomous 
Perciformes Siganidae Siganus vulpinusnative Foxface Foxface venomous 
Perciformes Sphyraenidae Sphyraena barracudanative Great barracuda Great barracuda traumatogenic 
Perciformes Sphyraenidae Sphyraena forsterinative Bigeye barracuda Striped seapike reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Sphyraenidae Sphyraena jellonative Pickhandle barracuda Pickhandle barracuda reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Sphyraenidae Sphyraena qenienative Blackfin barracuda  reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Perciformes Sphyraenidae Sphyraena waitiinative   traumatogenic 
Carcharhiniformes Sphyrnidae Sphyrna lewininative Scalloped hammerhead Scalloped hammerhead other 
Carcharhiniformes Sphyrnidae Sphyrna mokarrannative Great hammerhead Great hammerhead other 
Carcharhiniformes Sphyrnidae Sphyrna zygaenanative Smooth hammerhead Smooth hammerhead traumatogenic 
Squaliformes Squalidae Squalus acanthiasnative Picked dogfish Whitespotted dogfish venomous 
Squatiniformes Squatinidae Squatina australisendemic Australian angelshark Australian angelshark traumatogenic 
Squatiniformes Squatinidae Squatina tergocellataendemic Ornate angelshark Ornate angelshark traumatogenic 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Stegastes nigricansnative Dusky farmerfish Dusky gregory traumatogenic 
Perciformes Pomacentridae Stegastes punctatusnative Blunt snout gregory Bluntsnout gregory traumatogenic 
Orectolobiformes Stegostomatidae Stegostoma fasciatumnative Zebra shark Zebra shark traumatogenic 
Beloniformes Belonidae Strongylura krefftiinative Long tom Baloon traumatogenic 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Strophidon sathetenative Slender giant moray Longtail moray traumatogenic 
Orectolobiformes Orectolobidae Sutorectus tentaculatusendemic Cobbler wobbegong Cobbler wobbegong traumatogenic 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Symphorus nematophorusnative Chinamanfish Chinamanfish reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Synanceia horridanative Estuarine stonefish Estuarine stonefish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Synanceiidae Synanceia verrucosanative Stonefish Reef stonefish venomous 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Taenianotus triacanthusnative Leaf scorpionfish Leaf scorpionfish venomous 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Taeniura lymmanative Ribbontail stingray Yilinggan venomous 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Taeniurops meyeninative Round ribbontail ray Blotched fantail ray venomous 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Tandanus bostockiendemic Freshwater cobbler Freshwater cobbler venomous 
Siluriformes Plotosidae Tandanus tandanusendemic Freshwater catfish Freshwater catfish venomous 
Perciformes Tetragonuridae Tetragonurus cuvierinative Smalleye squaretail Squaretail reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Torpediniformes Torpedinidae Tetronarce macneilliendemic Shorttail torpedo Short-tail torpedo ray other 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Tetrosomus gibbosusnative Humpback turretfish Humpback turretfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Ostraciidae Tetrosomus reipublicaenative Smallspine turretfish  venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Torquigener brevipinnisnative   venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Torquigener hicksinative Hick's toadfish Hick's toadfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Torquigener pallimaculatusnative  Orange-spotted toadfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Torquigener parcuspinusnative Yellow-eyed toadfish Yellow-eyed toadfish venomous 
Tetraodontiformes Tetraodontidae Torquigener pleurogrammanative Weeping toado Banded toadfish poisonous to eat 
Perciformes Carangidae Trachinotus blochiinative Snubnose pompano Snubnose dart reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Tetraodontiformes Diodontidae Tragulichthys jaculiferusnative Longspine burrfish Long-spined porcupinefish venomous 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Triaenodon obesusnative Whitetip reef shark Whitetip reef shark traumatogenic 
Beloniformes Belonidae Tylosurus acus acusnative Agujon needlefish Keeljaw longtom traumatogenic 
Beloniformes Belonidae Tylosurus crocodilusnative Hound needlefish Crocodile longtom traumatogenic 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Uranoscopus sulphureusnative Whitemargin stargazer Whitemargin stargazer traumatogenic 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Urogymnus asperrimusnative Porcupine whipray Nhiirriil traumatogenic 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Urogymnus granulatusnative Mangrove whipray Mangrove whipray traumatogenic 
Myliobatiformes Dasyatidae Urogymnus polylepisnative Giant freshwater whipray Baya gawiy venomous 
Myliobatiformes Urolophidae Urolophus cruciatusendemic Banded stingaree Banded stingaree venomous 
Myliobatiformes Urolophidae Urolophus flavomosaicusendemic Patchwork stingaree Patchwork stingaree venomous 
Myliobatiformes Urolophidae Urolophus paucimaculatusendemic Sparsely-spotted stingaree Sparsely-spotted stingaree traumatogenic 
Perciformes Serranidae Variola loutinative Yellow-edged lyretail Yellowedge coronation trout reports of ciguatera poisoning 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Xiphophorus helleriiintroduced Green swordtail Swordtail potential pest 
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